Student Profiles

Emily '17
Hometown: Perry Hall, MD

Emily '17

I am very excited to be following a family tradition of attending TCHS. There are numerous clubs to join for all sorts of interests, like sports, science, French, Spanish- you name it! I’m especially happy about the small class sizes.  At Catholic High, I have met so many people, and all of them are really nice and welcoming! I really like the concept of using an iPad for everyday learning. I also love doing so much community service through Catholic High. I'm proud to be a Cub!

Current Courses
Honors Literature/Comp
Maryland History
Abnormal Psychology
Honors Calculus
College Psychology
Honors Cons. Econ.
Theology 12
Ambassador Officer
Water Committee
Green Club
Varsity Golf
Indoor Track

Sierra '18
Hometown: Baltimore, MD

Sierra '18

Here at Catholic High I am an ambassador and participate in several sports.  This year I am a member of the varsity volleyball team, aspire to make varsity basketball, and am pumped to return to varsity for softball season!  Last year I was a freshman representative, ran cross country, was on junior varsity basketball, and played on the varsity softball team.  The athletics here at Catholic High, for as cliché as this might sound, allow me to be me.  My life revolves around school and athletics.  I don't have much time at night to do my homework.  On week days, I go from school to practice or or a game, then to either weightlifting, depending on the day of the week, or softball practice for my club team.  On the weekends, I have a tournament every weekend for my club team.  So by playing sports and doing so many different activities after school, it is crucial for me to be time efficient.  Learning how to be time efficient during my high school years will help prepare me for the hectic schedule of college.  It is a great tool to start learning how to be time efficient knowing that I want to play softball in college. I'm a very competitive person.  I enjoy competing not only against other teams, but with my teammates. While playing sports at Catholic High, I've met life long friends.  My teammates aspire me to be a better player on and off the court/field.  As an underclassmen, I look up to the upperclassmen to encourage me and help me improve my skills.  I can also go to the upperclassmen before practices and games to help me with homework.  My teammates are my sisters and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.  While I was making my decision on the right high school for me, a big part of my decision was based on how the school balanced out the importance of athletics and the importance of academics.  I believed Catholic High did an outstanding job of balancing out the athletics and academics.  Catholic High focuses on school work, while also encouraging its students to take part in sports.  The sports department here is filled with smart, talented girls from dancers and cheerleaders to basketball and lacrosse stars.  Bottom line, Catholic High's athletics is more than just about the game, but the unity of teams and lasting memories. 

Current Courses
Honors Cons. Econ.
Theology 11
Computer Engineering
Introduction to Computer Programming
Honors Government
AP English Language
Honors Pre-Calculus
Honors Spanish 3
Honors Biology

Student Council
Ambassador Officer
Cross Country
JV Basketball
Varsity Softball
Varsity Volleyball

Carla '19
Hometown: Severn, MD

Carla '19

Choosing which high school I was going to attend was not an easy task. Ultimately, I chose The Catholic High School of Baltimore, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I love it here! Everyone is so friendly, the environment is welcoming, and all of the girls are well-rounded. The school offers so many opportunities for girls to become essential pieces in future society. There are over 100 class choices here, the teachers are excellent, and I love the challenges. The various clubs you can join is almost endless, and I've already got my eye on the Nurses Club, Book Club, and Art Club. All of the fine arts are out of this world! The girls are very talented, and with the help of their teachers, they become even better. Two of my favorite aspects of Catholic High are that creativity is encouraged here, and if you want to go do something, the teachers and administration here will help you do it. The Dance Team is amazing, and I can already tell that I am going to love being in the Biomedical Program.


Current Courses
Honors Research Methods
Honors Health Care
AP U.S. History
Honors Geometry
Theology 10
Honors British Literature
Honors Spanish 3
Honors Chemistry
Nurses Club
Book Club
Art Club

Meghan '20
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

Meghan '20

When deciding on a high school it was important to find a school that focused on academics, athletics, and service. These values have always been important to my family and me and it was important to find a school with the same values. Catholic High encompassed all of these ideals, and I felt like a Cub from the first moment I walked through the front doors.

Current Courses
Theology 9
Honors Spanish 2
Honors Literature/Composition
Honors Algebra 2
Honors World Civilization
Honors Con. Physics
Introduction to Engineering
Studio Art