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Image Promotional Usage Permission

The Catholic High School of Baltimore uses photographs, names, and audio/video recordings of employees, students, or guests for general publicity in publications, on its website, on social media, for public relations, promotions, and advertising, etc. Your presence at Catholic High, as well as at off-campus Catholic High-sponsored events, constitutes your consent to capture and/or use your image or likeness without remuneration. Catholic High does not collect release forms from its students, employees, or guests for the use of images or videos taken on or off campus.

However, Catholic High understands that there may be students, parents/guardians, employees, and guests who do not wish to be photographed or have their image used for school-related marketing purposes. Those individuals may opt-out by completing a Photo Opt-Out Waiver and submitting it to the Main Office, ATTN: Coordinator of Marketing & Communications. 

Unless a fully completed Photo Opt-Out Waiver is on file, your daughter’s image and/or likeness may at any time be captured by still photography, videography, or other photographic or electronic means. The Catholic High School of Baltimore reserves the right to use any such image, photograph, video, or the like for school-related marketing purposes.

Photo Opt-Out Form

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