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A very heartfelt welcome back to each and every one!
We, the Catholic High Community, wish each of you a wonderful new year.  We would be glad to share any prayer requests you might have here on our Prayer Corner.  Just email them to me, Sister Ann, at and I will post them right away.

Sister Ann Dutrow, OSF  
Director of Mission

Daily Prayer & Reflection

September 22, 2020

Impatience to Endurance
We all like instant miracles - easy answers - clarity - sure things.
But what about seeming silence when we pray and can't see anything happening ?

Way back in the Old Testament, through prophets and kings, God told the people, and in the New Testament, Jesus, himself, reminds us, "God's ways are not our ways." And yet, we are often surprised that God can't see the solution as clearly as we can!

Here is where faith and trust are most essential - and most difficult. Can we trust that God hears and God is already answering us in ways that are best for us, when the time is right? Our answer is unfolding, but can we see that?

We can all recall, no doubt, more than once when, looking back, we feel so "lucky" that what we thought was our desperate need to be answered would have been a disaster! That delay and better outcome was God's gift in God's time.

Lord, forgive our impatience and strengthen our endurance. Help us work each day to trust in your wisdom and ever-present love for us. AMEN


September 18, 2020

The coming Sunday marks our journey a little more than half way through this year's Season of Creation. Given all of the concerns about this virus, school openings, violence seemingly everywhere, and various insecurities related to all of that, it has probably been hard to focus on creation, critical as it is to our future existence.

This Sunday's theme reflects on what our own sense of "meeting our need / pursuing our greed" means to us. When is enough...enough?  What about all of our brothers and sisters who are far from having enough...enough food, health care, housing, enough safety in their lives.  What can we do to affect all of this in meaningful ways? These are huge questions. Creation is crying out today for balance and justice for humanity and for our planet. Changes are hard but they are critical to our very survival.

Lord, we thank you for the gifts in our lives, we will try to show our appreciation with respect for all people and things in our world and more conscious care of our planet.

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We include in our prayers this day the grandmother of one of our freshmen who is an alum of TCHS and is suffering with Covid-19 and pneumonia in the hospital.  We ask God's loving care and recovery for her and comfort for all her family and friends during this difficult time.


For all of our new TCHS students, especially those from IND

For a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19

For a family member suffering with colon cancer and for her caregivers


We remember in our prayers all elderly parents, especially those suffering with various forms of dementia.  We honor and pray for their families/caregivers who treasure them so much and try so hard to care for them during these times.


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