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Our Franciscan charism for the year is: STEWARDSHIP

​This is a word we may not hear often or fully understand. As a Franciscan school we work daily to instill and foster characteristics that will lead us all to more intentional and productive lives. Responsible Stewardship asks us to assume accountability for our choices, our use of the gifts of all creation, and our dealings with others throughout each day...a tall order! Our best success comes when we work together as a community, supporting and encouraging one another, realizing that sometimes we provide all of that while other times, we are the ones in need. We move forward together with mutual respect for one another in making stewardship a part of our daily lives here at TCHS as well as beyond. May God bless all of us as we share this journey together.

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September 2021

We ask God's compassionate care for all victims of the summer fires in the west, the hurricane destruction and flooding in the east, and for those throughout our country and our world suffering from Covid-19 and its variants. We ask for wisdom and a shared responsibility in taking better care of our planet and its resources in a more equitable way. We ask for the courage to face what needs to be done to remedy the ills of our world, and the personal commitment to doing what WE need to do ourselves to contribute to these changes each and every day.

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Center for Action and Contemplation - author Richard Rohr, Franciscan priest, several options, of the most popular is daily reflections with weekly themes, several books available and other subtopics -  thoughts for the day, various sources

On Being Project - several options including poetry, essay, photos, Krista Tippett shares weekly

Laudate - broad, general resource/reference for all kinds of religious needs, information bank

The God Minute - daily ten-minute prayer/reflection each day

National Catholic Reporter - daily Catholic press articles, including Earthbeat, other topical sources

Take 5 For Faith - brief, prayerful reflection each day

Daily Readings - liturgical references to daily masses - Pope Francis' COVID-19 Emergency Solidarity Fund

The Word Among Us - daily meditations, reflections, and print materials

Insight Timer - free, daily meditation app - daily prayer reflections

Heart of the Nation - Catholic Mass online, prayers

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