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Prayers have been requested for Brian Reilly who is dealing with many serious health issues and concerns. We ask the good Lord for healing and good health to be restored.
Please remember in your prayers, Dr. Barbara McClean, M.D., a longtime member of St. Isaac Jogues Parish, who died this past week.  She was a tireless worker for the poor and underserved and gave of her time and talents to them in many ways.

Prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Sister Christopher Marie Wagner, Class of '64, who died in Assisi House in Aston, PA on Thursday, April 20, 2023.  Sister died after a long battle with cancer and we extend to her family and friends our deepest sympathies.

Prayers have been requested for a young student at John Carroll High School who was in a serious car accident and was critically injured. Please keep her and her family in prayer.

Prayers have been requested for Elise Marshall, a young doctor, who is currently being treated for brain cancer  ⏤ medulloblastoma.  She is the third person in her family to suffer from cancer and we have promised  to keep Elise and her family members in our prayers as they fight this disease. The family and friends of Elise thank everyone.

Prayers have been requested by Mrs. Linda Baker Staub '66 for her son, Duffy.  Duffy is 49 years old and has dealt with diabetes since his early teens. He has suffered a stroke and is in hospice at this time. Linda and all the family ask for your prayers and deeply appreciate your concern and support for Duffy.

The Class of '66 is requesting prayers for a classmate, Tina Folio Romanowski, who suffered a bad fall as Covid started, causing treatment to be delayed. She has had many treatments and therapy since, and two surgeries for this spinal injury and is asking for prayers for healing and support. We assured her friends and family that the TCHS community would be with her and pray for her improvement and healing.

Prayers have been requested for the successful treatment of Mary Hicks , mother of Jessica Hicks LaPaglia '01 and grandmother of  Kendyll LaPaglia '26.  Mrs. Hicks and all the family thank you very much.

The family of Jeff Tirschman has requested prayers for Jeff and for the whole family of Catherine Tirschman, Class of 2017.  Mr. Tirschman died suddenly a few weeks ago. We ask God's compassion and support for everyone and will keep Jeff in our prayers.
Dorothy Hebler Cornell, Class of '53, has requested prayers for both of her children recovering from serious illnesses. Catherine has been fighting long-term Covid since July and Michael has recently had surgery for cancer and will be undergoing continued treatment. We will keep both Catherine and Michael and all the family in our prayers and hope for full and complete recoveries for both.

Many faculty, staff, and alums have shared the need for prayers for many family members and friends who are sick of mind and/or body.  May we include them all in our prayers, along with the caregivers and health care providers who work tirelessly to help the sick to recovery.  

Prayers have been requested by a TCHS alum, Class of '52, for her husband who recently had surgery on December 30th. We remember him and all the family in our thoughts and ask for blessings and speedy recovery.

A Class of '79 alum, Celeste Wysocki Gibson, has requested prayers for an old family friend and neighbor from the Gardenville area, Judy Crabbe Cymek, who is in hospice care in Pennsylvania. The TCHS community is praying for Judy and her family and asks God's strength and comfort during this time.

Prayers have been requested for all those struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs, and food. May they seek help, know that they are loved and cared about, and find God's hand reaching out to them as they fight this battle.
For those mourning the loss of young children at this time of year...may all near them show consideration and concern and reach out to be of help.
For those undergoing surgery of any kind, may their caregivers be attentive and cautious in their efforts to assist in recovery.
In gratitude to our alumnae and benefactors for their generous and ongoing support of the various needs and efforts of the TCHS Community. Our prayers of thanks go out every day.
For a safe, restful, and happy Christmas season for all.  We wish everyone peace and joyful celebrations, health of mind and body, and a deep desire to make a difference in our world as a person of love and inspiration.

Prayers have been requested for/by two members of our student body. One of our students has a family member who is having serious surgery on Monday, the 28th, and would request our thoughts and prayers.  Another student is having surgery herself on Wednesday, December 7 and we would like to include her in our thoughts and prayers. We hope and pray for both young ladies to experience every success and recover quickly and fully. Our TCHS community is with you.

Prayers have been requested for Nicole, a young woman of 29, ready to plan her wedding, who has just been diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Friends and family have asked for our prayers as they all begin this journey and we include all in our thoughts and prayers.

We remember all who are ill and suffering in mind or body and all of those who have asked our prayers for friends and loved ones.  We also include care givers and those who care for the sick every day.

We remember in our prayers a gentleman facing medical issues in the next few weeks and ask for strength for him and for his wife as they move forward together.
We pray daily for all children who do not have stable and loving families and homes where they are safe and loved. We ask God to be there for them in their needs.
Prayers have been requested for family members of two TCHS faculty members recovering from illness and hospitalization. May God strengthen them and help them in their return to good health.

The family of one of our students has requested prayers for a chronic health condition that requires daily attention and effort in the midst of the normal school day for this student.  Please remember the family and friends of this student, too, as we pray for recovery/remission from this current health issue.

Prayers have been requested by the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia for the repose of the soul of Sister St. Joseph Brennion OSF who went home to God on Saturday, October 8, 2022. Sister St. Joseph was the school nurse in the 1960's here at TCHS and returned several years later as the school's Art teacher. Sister was a professed member of the Congregation for 71 years and had been in residence at Assisi House in Aston, PA.

Prayers have been requested for the treatment and recovery of John Andrykis who will be beginning radiation treatment for cancer in the coming weeks. His family is most appreciative of our support.

We have been including Father Joe Luca, a diocesan priest here in Baltimore, in our prayers for the sick. Fr. Luca went home to God this past weekend and we now include him in our prayers for the recently deceased, along with his family and friends who mourn his loss.

Please include in your prayers the grandpa of six little boys who is having a lung biopsy on Thursday, 9/29. We ask for prayers for him and the family in facing the test and results.

Prayers have been requested for a member of the Langhorne, PA, Companion Group of the Sisters of St. Francis of Philadelphia who died last week. We are remembering Abdul Majeed Khan, who has died, and his wife, Shahnaz, and their children in our prayers and ask for God's comfort and peace for them.

Prayers are requested for Mrs. Lynn Brose who is suffering from Parkinson's disease. She has been experiencing many complications and her family is asking for prayers.
Several people have requested prayers for family members and friends who are currently suffering from many different forms of cancer. Please remember all who suffer from this disease and ask God's support and healing for its victims and for their family members.

Prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Mary Alison Dew, sister of Sister Joan Dew, OSF, a TCHS graduate. The TCHS community offers its condolences to Sister Joan and all the family.
The family and friends of Larry Vaught have requested prayers for his recovery from a serious illness and infection. Larry has had many health issues in the last year and needs many positive thoughts and prayers, thank you.

Prayers are requested for the repose of the soul of Patricia Cooney who has died following serious heart surgery. The TCHS community remembers her and extends to her seven daughters and their families our deepest condolences.

Prayers have been requested for Mrs. Ronnie Feldman, an alumna, who is ill.
Please remember in your prayers both a niece and a cousin of Sister Maria de Guadalupe, OSF.  They lived in Puerto Rico and were struck by lightning and killed over the past weekend. We send our condolences to Sister Guadalupe and her entire family on this tragic loss of life.

Prayers have been requested for Rachel, a young woman who is serious ill with a chronic disease, that is having a serious surgery on September 8th. Let us keep Rachel and her family in our prayers for her and for her doctors.
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