Daily Prayer & Reflection

Our Franciscan Charism focus for this school year is: RESPECT/REVERENCE AND GRATITUDE

​To revere someone, or something, is to afford that person or thing more than just respect. The word reverence conveys a sense of treasuring with unquestioned esteem or awe. Reverence implies, by its nature, a sense of sacredness. Reverence reminds us that each and every one of us is created in God's own image and likeness. The opening of the Book of Genesis tells us this. We also need to appreciate that the phrases, 'God's image and likeness' and 'God saw that it was good,' were spoken by God on each day of creation, including our source of life and well being - our Mother Earth - as well as our own creation. Our responsibility is not to dominate by destroying, abusing, or making extinct any part of the delicate balance of this world in which we live, but to steward and care all creatures, human and animal, as well as all aspects of nature that sustain our human existence from day to day. We live our calling when, as children of God and God's world, we foster this reverence toward one another and toward our earth. How we are responding to this call to reverence for one another and our world is a question each and every one of us must answer with our voice and our actions each and every day. We strive to move forward together with this sense of reverence for one another and for our earth as we live our daily lives, consciously choosing to treat one another as we would like to be treated, both here at TCHS and beyond. We strive to make good decisions when affecting the world in which we live as well. 

May God bless all of us as we share this journey together.
We often see lots of references to giving thanks later in November. But often that quickly disappears, as much of our world plunges into the Christmas chaos and fevered shopping that goes with it. It seems in these Covid-dominated months and years now, we are seeing a new look being given to the simple art of the THANK YOU, as well as a focus on gratitude in general. 
Every day should be filled with thanks for all we are and have not just on our problems and concerns. A sense of balance is critical for our general wellbeing. TCHS has also taken on this effort, along with the other attitudes found through our charism, R-I-S-E-S. Indeed, all of the terms included there: respect and reverence, integrity, service, excellence, and stewardship, have as their foundation an essential sense of gratitude.  We can best live out that gratitude through expressions to others that reflect our charism. Of course, as human beings with many distractions and weaknesses, we often forget to make that effort or take the time to be thankful. Making specific practices part of our daily routines can be the best way to take this practice and make it part of every day in every situation in which we find ourselves. Before we know it, gratitude can become a meaningful attitude in our lives.
There have been real and scientific studies that point to the facts that people's stress lessens, inner peace and restfulness increase, and happiness is not so difficult to find, even in tough times and experiences. Keeping a simple little journal at the end of each day, maybe 2 minutes of thought, and writing down at least 3-5 things or moments from our day for which we feel thankful will make a huge difference in our daily lives. It may seem a little hard at first because we are out of practice...anything new is often a little challenging...at first. But if we stick with it, we'll be pleasantly surprised. We could even have family TY meetings from time to time and see what could surface. The lists will become endless!
We thank all of you for being part of our community and we try our best to practice this virtue each and every day here at school and throughout our lives.
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