Catholic High Responds to COVID-19 by Donating PPE Supply

Mar 24, 2020

Baltimore, Maryland – March 24, 2020 - Last week, Ms. Peg Prentice, Catholic High’s Biomedical Program Team Leader, became aware of the shortages of much-needed medical equipment as a result of the many cases of COVID-19 in and around Baltimore.  These medical supplies, or PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) include medical gear such as masks, gloves, goggles and protective gowns needed by health care workers to protect them from infections when they are treating patients.

Ms. Prentice asked Mrs. Johnston, school principal, and Dr. Nazelrod, school president, if Catholic High could donate the needed medical equipment that we had in the building to a local hospital who treated the underserved of Baltimore.  The decision was made to make the donation to Mercy Medical Center in downtown Baltimore.  Because of its location, Mercy, a Catholic organization sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, treats many of Baltimore’s homeless population.  In addition, Catholic High’s Nurses’ Club enjoys a collaborative relationship with Mercy, and parents of many of our students work either at Mercy in downtown Baltimore or in one of their satellite locations in Greater Baltimore.

Dr. Nazelrod contacted Mr. Domenic Staiti, father of Catholic High Junior Olivia Staiti, about the possibility of making the donation to Mercy Medical Center, where both of Olivia’s parents are employed.  Mr. Staiti is a CT Technologist at Overlea Personal Physicians, part of the Mercy network, and Mrs. Andrea Staiti is a Registered Nurse at Mercy Hospital.

Ms. Prentice, Mr. Staiti and Dr. Nazelrod arranged to meet in the school parking lot at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of Tuesday, March 24 to transfer the medical equipment.  The photos at this link show Ms. Prentice transferring the boxes from her car into Mr. Staiti’s van, with the final destination being Mercy Medical Center, care of Mrs. Staiti.  Ms. Prentice and Mr. & Mrs. Staiti are truly Angels of Mercy.


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Information in this press release was featured in articles by WJZ, The Baltimore Sun, and the Catholic News Service.

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