TCHS Biomedical Program Participates in Live From Surgery: Heart Transplant Videoconference

Jan 26, 2021

January 26, 2021 - On February 10, 2021 at 8:00 a.m., approximately 40 of Catholic High’s Biomedical students will attend the Live from Surgery: Heart Transplant Edition Videoconference in partnership with Liberty Science Center in New Jersey via Zoom.

Live from Surgery brings the world of healthcare to the next generation of surgeons and biomedical professionals. Students will witness the dynamics of surgery, problem-solving, and teamwork in a real operating room during a live heart transplant procedure. Not only will they be virtually immersed in live surgery, but they will actively participate by asking questions of the surgical team in real time at all stages of the procedure.

Using video technology gives students a surgeon’s perspective on the procedure. The camera feed will show students the same images that the surgical team views during the operation. Students can see the delicate work and hear the surgical team interact, as if they are in the operating room themselves.

The ultimate goal of the surgery broadcast is to inspire students to explore careers in healthcare, but it accomplishes far more. One of the common lessons highlighted in each broadcast is the number of medical specialties represented in the operating room. Students learn that a surgeon’s success depends on the work of an entire team of specialists, nurses, and support techs. It is an excellent way for students to watch professionals applying lessons in biology, chemistry, healthcare science, technology, and more, that are learned in the unique classes offered through the TCHS Biomedical Program. 

Mrs. Christine Gutowski Filippou '08, M.A.

Coordinator of Marketing, Communications, and Alumnae Relations

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